Monday, April 18, 2011

How to make a cape

Ooh, guess what friends?! I have enrolled in a sewing class where I will be learning how to make my own reversible cape! I mentioned on twitter several times that I was obsessed with capes and own a few (a blog post about my cape collection is coming very soon). I'm also excited, because it will be the first piece of clothing that I will make. Plus, sparkling wine is provided during the class so I think this is my kind of class. Bubbles and capes- This is like a dream come true for me! Lol.

The class is at a really cute store called 'Dear Gladys' in Northcote. I will take photos of my progress as I go along and hopefully get permission to take photos of the classroom and my classmates. Yay! I start this Wednesday. I'll let you know how it goes.

ps. I have been making a few changes to my blog design the last few days. Just want to apologise because I have the wrong facebook 'like' button on my blog posts. I'm getting this rectified and hopefully will have this sorted in the next day or so. In the meantime- if you DO like me, please do like my facebook fan page as I've decided to resurrect it. It's been a bit quiet of late.
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chloe.anne said...

this is awesome thanks!

i like you said...

Hey ya Chloe,

Glad you liked the post. I'm a little bit obsessed with capes. ;) ps. I like your blog- cute name too!

Mel Stringer said...

I LOVE CAPES !!! so sweet

Amber Lara said...

Thank you for sharing! This is really awesome!

Amber Lara said...

Awesome! Thanks for sharing!