Saturday, April 30, 2011

100 Cups of Tea

I came across a person on Twitter today whose story stopped me in my tracks. 100 Cups is the story of Greg Dion and his quest to meet 100 strangers for tea. In his own words:

"Can something as simple as a cup of tea change your life?

This, if all goes according to plan, will be the story of one young man on a journey of immeasurable importance. A quest to sit down for 100 separate cups of tea, with 100 complete strangers - all with the hope that, well, he might learn a thing or two…"

He then goes on to talk about how he wants to inspire people to be social again. To not be so afraid of one another. Why is it so many of us feel so alone and that it is so hard to have a genuine connection with someone? I struggle with these questions all the time so his blog really resonanted with me.

Check out his blog. 100 cups. Good stuff!

[photo above via 100 cups].


Greg @ 100 Cups said...

Hey Petina!

I just wanted to say thank you for the blog you posted! It's been quite the fulfulling journey so far - meeting so many interesting and like minded individuals who, like me, believe we sould stand to talk a little bit more.

Next time I'm in the country, I'll have to come down to melbourne for a cup of tea!

Thanks again!


i like you said...

Hey Greg,

Thanks for finding my blog and making a lovely comment! Yes, I look forward to following your journey drinking tea. I actually found out about you via @adventurousness on twitter (my username was @pocketvillage as I work with them).

Maybe we can set up a skype cup of tea. ;) that would be fun. See if technology will get in the way of real human connection.

Catch you later!

lyptis said...

Cool idea! Gotta check out his blog!

muchlove said...

This is a very very cool idea! I genuinely would love to have a cup of tea with a stranger. Meeting new people can be the most rewarding thing.

kiran said...

this is completely amazing, i'm sort of jealous though, i want to do something like this too! ;) xx

i like you said...

Hey all, yes, Greg's 100 cups idea is a fantastic project. I wish I had come up with it too. ;) I'll def be watching his journey.

Amber Lara said...

Great idea! Your blog is really inspiring and i love tea as well :)