Friday, July 23, 2010

The Friday JUMP.

Just Keep on moving FORWARD.

A lot of dramas have been going on around me lately. I'm just trying to move in the direction that's important to me and not let myself get distracted with the shiny little things.

Only one more week to go and I'm off on new adventures! To prepare for my overseas trip I've been doing the following:

* Finding the perfect carry-on travel bag. No more check-in luggage for me!

* Memorising recipes so I can cook them for friends if I'm a guest at someone's house.

Some favourites I've made recently include:
Sticky Date Pudding
Orange Almond Cake
Beef Bourguignon
Chinese Steamed Fish
Stuffed Lamb Cutlets
Any Ottolenghi recipe I can find.

I'm also packing in my travel bag a heart shaped cookie cutter so I can make heart shaped pancakes and eggs. Fun! You can find more yummy breakfast recipes here.

* Researching how to travel light with one bag online. The best site I found was called one bag and had all these cool videos on how to pack your clothes to minimise wrinkles etc. A bit nerdy, but if it can teach me how to lighten my travel load I don't care!

* New Audio Technica Pink Headphones that I purchased at the Melbourne Design Market. I've got heaps of new music I uploaded on to my ipod thanks to Pitchfork and Pretty Much Amazing.

[Image above found via we heart it. The link to where the photo came from was broken.]

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Penelope said...

I love that you're packing a heart shaped cookie cutter - cute! :)