Monday, March 14, 2011

1000 Creatives I found in 2011

So two weeks ago I mentioned on my blog that one of my resolutions this year is to discover 1000 New Creatives Online. By 'creatives' I mean anyone/ anything online whether it's a blog, musician, new website, crafty person on twitter, an artist blog, a handmade shop on etsy etc. It could just be a new idea, new art by an artist I already know. As long as it's someone/ something new to me in 2011. I'm hoping you can all help me along my journey and suggest on the comments below a website, song, blog, video, online store or creative individual I should check out. Every Monday I will list any new creatives I discover and enjoy on my blog and will 'countdown' my list to keep me on track.

992. Ok, so most of you have probably already heard of the handmade greatness of crochet extraordinare Yokoo. But have you seen this amazing short film by Etsy featuring Yokoo?

991. The food styling of Angela Hardison has me inspired to eat healthy.

990. Olo is a tiny, beautiful fragrance line based in Portland. Each scent is hand blended in limited edition batches. Love the idea of the combination of leather and lavender.The branding took my breath away too.

989. You are my fave. Cool name. Cool Blog.

988. 60 bucks well spent. A great table makeover at Frecklewonder.

987. Lovely art by Spanish artist Carmen Segovia. [via Design Makes Me Blush]

986. Before I Die. A public installation by artist Candy Chang in her hometown in New Orleans. [via Design Crush]

985. Scrabble for Typography lovers. I'm in LUST with this! via Flavorwire.

984. Crossword Puzzle Wrapping Paper [via Swissmiss] designed by Fabio Milito and Francesca Guidotti.

983. The Roomance dress by Me and Oli. Their other items are stunning too. Have a look at this 'Bird in the hand' dress.

982. Homako's jewellery is quirky and are great statement pieces.

981. I'm loving the cut of the coats and well, basically everything by Melbourne fashion designer, Preaps and Coutts.

980. Loving this interview The Design Files did with new Melbourne store Dagmar Rousset.

979. Check out the home of Eline Pellinkhof. Lots of personal style. [via Bloesem]

978. I haven't been on designers Kozyndan's website for awhile. I took a peek yesterday and was rewarded with new panorama print's such as 'The Best Sushi in Town' and 'Nakano in Spring'.

977. Australian Designer James Cape is heading to New York with a working visa. He designed this portfolio to showcase his work. [via Australian INfront]

976. The Ride Sydney Experiment. A great example of a cute viral video designed to generate excitement for a new concept bicycle store in Sydney. [via Australian INfront]

975. Inspired by Iceland. All tourism ads should be like this one from Iceland. Wow! via Swissmiss

974. These Printable paper cameras by Aussie girl Mel Stinger aka. Girlie Pains are available in a rainbow assortment of colours. What a great idea! [via Making it lovely]

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