Sunday, February 27, 2011

1000 New Creatives

One of my resolutions this year is to discover 1000 New Creatives Online. By 'creatives' I mean anyone/ anything online whether it's a blog, musician, new website, crafty person on twitter, an artist blog, a handmade shop on etsy etc. As long as it's someone/ something new to me. I'm hoping you can all help me along my journey and suggest on the comments below a website, song, blog, video, online store or creative individual I should check out. Every Monday morning I will list any new creatives I discover and enjoy on my blog and will 'countdown' my list to keep me on track.

1000. The Unreasonable Institute
A really cool organisation that gives high-impact entrepreneurs wings. The 2011 season has only just begun and finalists are being chosen as we speak so it will be interesting to watch the journeys of the chosen recipients.

999. Say 100
100 voices shaping opinions online, curated by 10 experts in their field.

998. Unhappy Hipsters
It's lonely in the modern world. This is great!

997. Nerd Boyfriend
Nerd Boyfriend posts pics of stylish male actors + musicians and shows you how to replicate their look.

996. Pretty Little Thieves
Etsy store selling cute art. LOVE the name and the 2011 calendar.

995. The Generation An Etsy store from Canada selling fabulous eco-friendly handmade, vegan shoes.

994. Polkadot Magpie What caught my attention in this newish Etsy store are the fun, colourful bunting necklaces.

993. Tallest Man on Earth Beautiful, heartfelt acoustic music by Swedish native, Kristian Matsson aka. the Tallest Man on Earth.

[image 1 at the beginning of the post is via Pretty Little Thieves. image 2 above is via The Polkadot Magpie].

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