Tuesday, August 3, 2010

What's Inspiring Me.

Wow, I had an amazing day today.

Here is why:

1. I found out that Yoshitomo Nara will have an exhibition in NYC at the same time I am there.

2. My Never-Ending Dumpling Banquet with Doreen

3. I had coffee with Stephen Fry at Roof Top Bar

4. I went to Mag Nation and got inspired by so many mags- Empty, UPPERCASE, Dumbo Feather, IDN Neo-York Special, Ad Busters and Monocle.

5. I read about a really cool project in West Philadelphia curated by Steve Powers called 'Love Letter'. (via UPPERCASE Mag.) See A Love Letter For You for more info.

6. I watched an incredible documentary at The Melbourne International Film Festival called 'Bill Cunningham New York'. Amazing! I'm going to see it again on Sunday night. I recommend it to all artists and creative people who believe in following their passions.

7. I ended my day by reading my new favourite blog Missed Connections.

[all images above via A Love Letter For You]


Penelope said...


Please do elaborate. ^__^

doreenmon said...

you didn't mention dumplings with doreen!

i like you said...

Hey Penny,

YES!!! I had coffee with Stephen Fry at Roof Top Bar!!! ^_^ One of my bestfriends is in a multi-cultural, experimental hiphop band. The band was being interviewed at Rooftop by Stephen for a documentary he is making for the BBC about 'language'. I had to come along when I found out he would be there!!!! ps. i'll let you know how my love heart pancakes go when I'm overseas. ^_^ xxx

Doreen- not just dumplings! a dumpling banquet with doreen!!!xxx

Penelope said...

Oh my, that is so cool (he would've been so wonderful to meet)! Lucky you! Yes, do make & photograph many cute heart pancakes. :D

sweetwilliam said...

wow - that is an amazing day!