Thursday, July 22, 2010

What's Inspiring Me. Jonathan Glazer

Love nearly all of Jonathan Glazer's work. I first saw his work at Resfest a few years ago at ACMI in Melbourne. He had a retrospective special on all his work (yes, I was a bit late to find out about him!).

Here are three of my favourites.

1. Guinness Ad ‘Swimblack’
"The advert encompasses so many things about life. Joy. Sorrow. Victory. Defeat. Determination. Courage. Teamwork. Friendship. Patience. Passion. All of that in a minute and a half. The best advert ever made. Stunning."- Axelwater, a youtube commenter (yes, really. I like what he said!).

2. Nike ‘Frozen Moment’ featuring Michael Jordan.

3. Stella Artois 'Last Orders'

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