Thursday, July 8, 2010

Do What You LOVE: Kelly White

Kelly White is a very talented lady. Not only does she create jewellery with her sister Lyndsay for their label, 'Made By White', she also helps out at Newtown, Sydney store Made 590 and now has started her own jewellery and homewares line on Etsy called 'The Storybook Rabbit'.

Whenever I would wander onto the blog Kelly wrote with her sister I would admire all the pretty things in her home, her collection of animal figurines and all the things they would get up to in Sydney. I thought it would be fun to ask Kelly a bit more about her collections and where she gets her inspirations from.

Kelly loves all things cute, quirky, foresty, fairytale-like or animalistic! But especially, she loves her rabbit. She lives in Sydney with Juno- the cutest bunny in the world- who live in a little house filled with tiny ceramic animals, brightly coloured dresses, vintage treasures and rabbit-chewed furniture.

1. What inspires you?

I'm inspired by vintage illustrations, nature, fairy tales, general quirkiness and also by everyday things like Juno, my rabbit. I especially love to draw animals because they can convey so much personality, humour and cuteness.

2. Tell us more about your bunny Juno and what made you decide to get a pet bunny?

I got Juno over a year ago when I lived in a tiny second story apartment with a balcony. I actually really wanted a cat, but decided it was a bit cruel to have a cat stuck inside all day, so I hunted for an alternate pet that i could keep on the balcony, but still have in the house when I was home and came across a breed of bunny called Rex Rabbits. They are extremely intelligent, have amazing fur that feels softer than velvet and really, Juno is more like a kitten than a rabbit. She sits on the couch and watches tv with us at night, rolls onto her back for a belly scratch and even comes when I call her name. She is full of personality, absolutely hilarious and the most well-trained (but completely mischievous) bunny I know.

3. On your storybook profile you mentioned that you have a little house filled with tiny ceramic animals, brightly coloured dresses, vintage treasures and rabbit-chewed furniture. Do you have any fun collections that you could tell the readers more about?

I collect a lot of stuff, pretty much anything vintage that is pretty, animal related, fairytale-like or nature-inspired.
I'd say my favourite collections would be my vintage dresses and ceramic animals. I have too many dresses to count, but I wear and love them all!
My animal collection started when I was really little and grew from there, becoming a massive collection over the last few years. My favourite animals to collect are deers, rabbits, owls and forest animals, which I look out for in local vintage shops or on etsy. Other things that fill my little house include plastic deer heads, vintage plates, vintage ballerina prints, ceramic wall swallows, framed butterflies and a wall of art prints collected over the last few years.

Kelly's new etsy store, The Storybook Rabbit has 'Something for EveryBunny' and is where you will find a small collective of handmade goodies, prints, art pieces and re-worked vintage. All made with love!

[image above: The brooches above are all for sale at Kelly's Etsy store. ]

[image above: Check out Kelly's awesome animal figurine collection. Love the colours!]


Anonymous said...

Kellys place looks fantastic, just love all the animals and Juno is the cutest bunny in the world. Ok Im cheating she's my daughter and Im her proud mother!

Daydream Lily said...

That is a seriously awesome figurine collection, I want those owls. Juno is cute too. Great interview!!

Daydream Lily said...

oh and the link to Kelly's blog didnt work :(

i like you said...

To Kelly's mum: well you've raised an awesome daughter! I always read on the Made By White blog about how you encouraged them to do crafty things when growing up. ^_^

To Liss: Thanks for the heads up about the broken link. i need to remember to check these things!!

MeAndBoo said...

I regularly read the Made by White blog. I enjoy the pics of new op shop finds and vintage stuff! That is an amazing collection of animal ornaments!!