Monday, June 14, 2010

What's Inspiring Me: Crumpets, Slow Readers Book Club and more

Today I joined the Slow Readers Book Club (more info about this on my blog tomorrow).

I ate crumpets with plain butter today. Honey or jam is good too!

Read the business book Switched On by Sahar Hashemi. My favourite things I got from the book was the quote, 'Leap and a net will appear' and a quote taken from Warren Buffett: 'I tapdance to work'.

Found a lovely Melbourne blog called Art Pixie. Her interviews with photographers alongside images of their work were particularly inspiring.

Image above AND recipe (yum!) found at Helen Graves

Image by Jeff Palmer Art Guy on Flickr

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Helen said...

Your crumpets look excellent! I'm so glad they worked for you because it took me absolutely ages to get a crumpet recipe that actually works.