Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Shop Update. Another Peek at the world of i like you...

These pics were taken in store and I haven't had time to upload them till now. Some are recent, some old. Enjoy!x

image above: Shop Girl Doreen wearing:
1. Die Pretty Blue polka dot pussy bow top
2. Cast Couture Grey Tulip Skirt
3. Tram Friends Red Knitted Heart Necklace

[image above: One of my favourite things in store is the fabric bird crane mobile display at the shop front window]

[image above: Melissa Shoes and Camper Shoes are so much fun to wear]

[image above: We HEART Peppermint Mag and World Sweet World]


doreenmon said...

your shop girl is a real babe.

Devon said...

Oh, my World Sweet World cover! How lovely. I really like your shop girls outfit, too, I will have to check out your online store.