Tuesday, March 2, 2010

What's Inspiring Me. Baking World Peace' Cookies!...

Just wanted to share these really exciting cookies that I baked today for our customers and friends.
They are called the World Peace Cookies
and they taste the best

1. out of the oven, dipped into a fresh glass of cold milk
2. on a tuesday afternoon, when work is starting to get a bit snoozy
3. with a nice strong milky english breakfast with a friend who you haven't seen in ages

The title of this tasty little treat was coined by the creator, Dorie Greenspan's neighbour, who thought a daily dose of these cookies would instigate world peace! We like it!

Everyone loves a little peace in their world!

love doreen


Luyi said...

I'm guessing the thief didn't get any world peace lovin then? :(

Luyi said...

And you have photographic evidence of the phone on the table :(

my bat lightning heart said...

Oh yum!
Love it!

doreenmon said...

i ate these cookies in comfort for my stolen phone.

so here is number 4:

world peace cookies taste best...when eaten in your bedroom (even at 3am) after your phone got stolen.


lauren carney said...

oh yum!
im sooo getting up early to bake these tomorrow!
thankyou for the post <3

Mystery Flight Vintage said...

cute name. they look delicious!