Friday, September 11, 2009

I like the weekends!

3 Things to Do in Melbourne this weekend:

1. Come along to a Blogger/ Twitter Meet and Greet. Happens tomorrow Saturday 12th September at Sister Bella. From 4pm onwards. It doesn't matter if you write about food, fashion, your suburb, art, design, start-ups, business, or anything else. Everyone is welcome. More details at My Aching Head.

2. Dinner at The Commoner on Johnston St in Fitzroy. Food at the Commoner is about seasonality; proud and honest ingredients served on the plate with a lot of love and a little playfulness. Jo, the owner of The Commoner came into my store today and we had a lovely chat. Such a lovely lady! You will feel very welcomed at The Commoner, which is hard to find in restaurants these days (or in any business for that matter).

3. Go see 'Up' at the movies. Inspiring movie about following your dreams. See the trailer here.


Joby said...

Up does sound tempting, I love inspiring feel good films

Amy said...

UP is fantastic! I think it's my favourite 'kids' movie since The Lion King! I was giggling so much. Adorable.

Bunny B said...

Ooohh! UP! :) It's fun and awesome!!

Northside Makers said...

up looks cool, in 3-d too. (:

DesertNana said...

I want to visit Australia and come shopping and eating in Melbourne!
What is the coolest month of the year?