Friday, September 4, 2009

i like the weekends!

3 Things to do in Melbourne this weekend:

1. Lamington Drive has a cool exhibition on called 'One Last Late Night' with Rik Lee. It's Rik's first solo show so it's definitely worth a look.

2. Have a delicious breakfast at Mixed Business in Clifton Hill. The coffee is great too. Check out the review on Indolent Dandy.

3. Head down to Gorker Gallery in Fitzroy to check out 'SO MANY BROKEN UMBRELLAS' - the Solo Show by Western Australian Artist Creepy.


melbgirl said...

Sounds like a great weekend!

kate said...

yes yes! those two exhibitions are a MUST be!! i checked them both out last weekend and they are the best i've seen in awhile!!

Nicole Tattersall said...

Hope you enjoyed the Creepy exhibition at Gorker. I loved the interactive puppet!


P.S I've added your blog to this weeks top 10 blogs/websites to visit. The list is in the panel on my blog

i like you said...

ooh feel a bit guilty. Didn't make it to either exhibition but I did have a yummy breakfast at mixed business. Poached eggs with potato rosti and avocado. YUM!

Penelope said...

I like this post! Am always on the lookout for new places to have weekend brunch with my sis at, so shall check out Mixed Business this week. ^__^

i like you said...

Hey Penelope,

'Mixed Business' really is great. It's now one of my favourite places to have breakfast in Melbourne. If you're going on the weekend you'll want to try and get there real early because it gets BUSY! It's really nice and relaxing once you get a seat though. Do it!x

melody said...

Love the amazing exhibits at the Gorker Gallery, wish I lived closer so I could visit in person :( We have some great gallery's here too.