Thursday, August 13, 2009

Polaroid Love: i like you friends loving our clothes...

[image above: i like you Spencer! Spencer hanging out on his old school bike wearing: Wildcat Designs Lambswool Striped Scarves around his head and neck. Lovingly made in Scotland. So soft and comfy!]

[image above: i like you Louis! Hanging out with the bats in our store's change rooms- as you do! Custom made toy owl by Cat Rabbit/ Ghost Patrol perched on his shoulder. Louis is wearing: one-off recycled Luce Handmade Scarf]

[image above: i like you Doreen! aka Captain Mushroom/ i like you Shop Girl hard at work.
Doreen is wearing: Queen Tie Neck Striped Top and Yolk red fingerless gloves]


Lizzie said...

Cute pictures! your store looks adorable!

Louis said...

I like your polaroids! And shop! And employees!