Friday, August 14, 2009

i like the weekends!

3 Things to do in Melbourne this weekend:

1. Go see Margaret Leng Tan play on a very baby grand piano this weekend.
Margaret is a classical music artist known for being the world's first professional toy pianist, performing in major cities around the world on her 51 cm-high toy pianos. You can see her perform at the Australian National Academy of Music's festival tomorrow.
You can also watch her perform Eleanor Rigby on toy piano on Youtube.

2. Treat yourself to a Sugadeaux Cupcake (my vote for best in Melbourne!) at Amsterdam Cafe in Richmond. You have a choice between Sour Lemon and Malteser Cupcakes. YUM!

3. Go have a dance at the launch of Modular's latest Mix CD "Leave Them all Behind III". Happening TONIGHT Fri Aug 14, 10pm-8am at Sorry Grandma.


doreenmon said...

i recommend seeing margaret leng tan! she is out of this world!!

Vanessa said...

I love this french outfit!

kate said...

oooh i love those pants! are they still in stock at the shop? i need to get me a pair of them!

and the cupcakes, they sound tasty!