Wednesday, July 1, 2009

WEDNESDAYS Artist Spotlight: Antony Micallef

I'm really liking the work of Antony Micallef lately. I saw some of his art on No Walls Gallery and instantly wanted to see more. Antony is an emerging British based artist, whose known for his distinctive brand of graphic laden, figurative paintings.

Juxtaposing the saccharine seduction of colourful pop imagery and consumerism alongside its dark and troubling underbelly, Antony Micallef's dreamlike images are inspired by the works of old masters, fashion magazines, popular culture, graffiti and Japanese cartoons alike.

Antony Micallef's work has been described both as 'Caravaggio meets Manga' and 'Bacon in Disneyland', with Antony himself saying “my work is like watching a Disney movie which slowly turns into violent pornograpy.”

Images are from No Walls Gallery.
You can also find out more about him on his website

[image above: '21st Century Love']

[image above: 'Happy Fucked Up Nuclear Girl']

[image above: "Uzi Lover 1"]

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Kelly-Jayne. said...

i think this is amazing. i love the dripping effects.