Friday, July 3, 2009

Fifi Lapin...the world's most stylish bunny!

Have you guys met Fifi Lapin before? Fifi Lapin is described by Elle Magazine as "the world's most stylist bunny". She must have the most amazing wardrobe ever. Isn't she adorable?! To see more of her amazing outfits and to find out more about her go to

[image above: Fifi wears a Balmain Jacket]

[image above: Fifi wears a Chanel ensemble]

[image above: Fifi wears a Basso and Brooke outfit]

[image above: Fifi wears a Christopher Kane dress]

[image above: Fifi wears a gorgeous chiffon Rodarte dress]

[image above: Fifi wears a spectacular creation from Viktor and Rolf]


Amy said...

Fifi is one hot bunny. Especially her Saturday outfit is off the charts crazy. Now I can say "I am less stylish than a rabbit".

Mandy said...

I hadn't met Fifi Lapin before, but she is so cute! Have just been to her lovely website.

Kelly-Jayne. said...

i think this is cute as. i like looking at fashion photos but what caught my eye most was the little illustrative bunny. i think its the cutest thing.