Monday, June 29, 2009

The Tea Cosy Tearooms, Kusmi Black Tea w/ Citrus, Vanilla and Spices and Peppermint Slice Afternoons


The girls behind i like you world have several obsessions. We like tea, tattoos, animals, owls, nature, Smashing Pumpkins, panda bears, animation, all things handmade, Camper Shoes, indie films, Yoshitomo Nara, good books, The Cure, New York, Frankie Magazine, baking, cooking, typography, coffee, apple macs, cool art, London Ink, Japan, Cupcakes, blackboards, Real Living mag, East Brunswick, muffins at Mylokal, crossword puzzles, designer toys, the yeah yeah yeahs, our fave cafe 'Sugardough', lambswool gloves and scarves, rabbits, all things cute and kawaii, Berlin, farmer's market's, staying up late and so much more. For a daily obsessions list see i like you's shop gal Doreen's blog Doreenmon's World.

Every Monday from now on we will have a column called 'Monday Obsessions' where we will explain why we love these things. So here goes our first post.

We're big tea drinkers here at i like you world. At least once a week we bring out our teapot and have afternoon tea in store with any customers that are lucky enough to enter the store at this time. There's nothing better then a big pot of Earl Grey Tea and a peppermint slice biscuit at 4pm. There's a gorgeous tea house in Brighton, East Sussex in the UK called 'The Tea Cosy'. We wish this cafe lived a bit closer to us so we could go visit everyday.

We are so obsessed, we purchase tea and tea related things from the internet.

1. 'More Tea Vicar' Tea Cosy. This photo was taken from The Selby an awesome website about interesting people and their creative homes. You can purchase the tea cosy at All The Fun of the Fair.
2. Image of 'The Tea Cosy Tea Rooms' in Brighton, East Sussex. Image from The Tea Cosy Website.
3. Pesky Rabbits Tea Cosy PDF E Knitting Pattern by Debi Birkin
4. Prince Vladimir Tea: Chinese black tea flavoured with citrus, vanilla and spices by Kusmi Tea.
5. Best Brew Mug and other great tea inspired mugs, tea towels and art prints by Mr.PS


Athena. said...

instant adoration.

Kimi said...

I love tea. [:

Stomper Girl said...

I think I'm in love with the More Tea Vicar teacosy. swoon.

Bucca said...

the 'more tea vicar'cosy reminds me of that show the Vicar of Dibley!

Kelly-Jayne. said...

i absolutly love tea. and it just made me smile seeing that little cute tea room image. i have a collection of teapots to. we just got a tea house in the art area but i dont think it can beat the look of that cute one.