Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Pop-Up Cafe in London

Everything in this cafe has been crocheted! Oh my, I simply adore this! To live in London- Ryantown, cheaper Camper Shoes, Treacle Cupcakes...Now a pop-up crochet cafe in a gallery serving real tea and cake. Swoon!

"For three weeks in June the Charlotte Street Gallery will be transformed into Kate’s Café, a fantasy café brimming with beautifully knitted food artworks. Feast your eyes on meticulously re-created wool-worked fish and chips, fried breakfasts on knitted plates, with knitted tomato ketchup bottles and mustard pots. Cake stands will be delicately stacked with perfectly knitted cakes and crocheted sugar-coated mini doughnuts. Tea will be served in knitted cups and saucers.

Come to Kate's Café: the place to be - for tea, sympathy, wit, innovation, wool and artistic brilliance."

(Words and Imagery from Charlotte Street Gallery website)

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Danielle said...

Rebecca Hossack Gallery is great - she sells a lot of Aboriginal art - sigh - miss London! I once went to a knitting night in Topshop - hilarious!