Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Creative Space Tuesdays

I find that I'm happiest when living and working in a space that's cosy and inspiring. Every Tuesday I'm going to showcase creative spaces that inspire. These creative spaces could be homes, retail stores, offices, hotels, art exhibitions and more. Today, I'm going to showcase some spaces with really cool plate walls. Enjoy!

1. [image above: Tina Kalivas at home in Sydney, Australia. Image from The Selby]

2. [image above: Dave and Surya of Wee Gallery and Shop Worthy's home. Image from Design *Sponge]

3. [image above: Allison and Bo's Bantam Home. Image from Apartment Therapy's Small, Cool 2008 contest]

4. [image above: Lisa Congdon's plate wall as shown on Design Sponge.
Lisa was kind enough to give some tips on building a decorative plate wall on Martha Stewart's Blog].


kate said...

oh yessss! i love seeing people's creative spaces. i look forward to seeing what you have to share :)

Mandy said...

My grandmother has a couple of plates on her wall and I'd always found the idea of plates on walls quite unappealing. I had no idea plate walls could be so stylish and modern! The colour, design and arrangement of the plates is fantastic. It's certainly something I'd consider for my new kitchen.

TorontoWalkie said...

the plates on the wall are a great idea -- I'm going to steal it. Especially since there's a tiger-tabby in my house just like hers!

best -- Michaelle