Monday, February 9, 2009

Mon Lapin (my bunny :)

This lovely little necklace is made from a hand cut disc. Each disc is stamped with a charming French term of endearment and comes with either a sterling or 14k gold-fill 16" chain.

Available in brass or sterling.

-Ma belle (my beautiful)
-Ma chérie (my dear)
-Mon amour (my love)
-Mon ange (my angel)
-Mon bébé (my baby)
-Mon coco (my egg:)
-Mon cœur (my heart)
-Mon lapin (my bunny:)
-Mon mignon (my cutie)
-Mon trésor (my treasure)

Coming soon to i like you!

A simple circle makes the statement on this hand-fabricated sterling ring. The band is similar to the sterling stacking rings, comfortably thin and lightly hammered.

Available in sizes 5,6,7,8


Nancy Magoo said...

I love those French necklaces, are they still for sale?

joyzipper said...

Ditto Nancy Magoo's comment - those necklaces are too cute! I would love to know if you're getting some in. I have the perfect people in mind as recipients. :)