Wednesday, September 10, 2008


Our friends Lyndsay and Kelly are creators of the brilliant jewellery label, 'Made By White'. We sell their jewellery at our shop in Melbourne. The images here are some of my personal faves.

This is how they describe themselves on their website:

Made by White was created by Lyndsay and Kelly White, two sisters with a life-long love of jewellery, clothing and all things unique and beautiful.
We believe that jewellery should be modern and different, it should make people stop and take notice, it should make a statement about who you are - but most of all it should be fun,because that’s what life is all about - right?
All our accessories are made with sterling silver chain and earring backs, making only the highest quality product and the only sweat shop labour used here is our own!

Lyndsay also designs websites under the name, 'White Pixels'. We are VERY excited that she has agreed to design our website for us. Yay! You can take a sneak peek at our website home here.

Below is a picture of Lyndsay and her boyfriend Ben. Doesn't Lyndsay look adorable in our Red Riding Hood Cape? We posted it to her in Sydney last week, so she could wear it to a wedding last weekend.


chamelia said...

That bunny brooch is adorable!

lauren carney said...

i want that owl necklace! its sooo cute!