Thursday, August 14, 2008

we HEART our friends

This is some of our friend's helping 'pimp' our label while watching the Queen Fashion Parade at Degraves Subway earlier on this year. As well as being our friends they have helped out ilikeyou in different ways. Two of the girls helped paint our store's interior, one of them works in our store on Saturdays and another stocks beautiful jewellery at the store under the label CT Designs. Don't they look good in our hats?!

Queen is one of our favourite labels which we stock in our shop in Melbourne. They do the best brace tops and dresses, hot pussy bow 3/4 sleeved tops in assorted colours and so much more. Take a look at their website of goodness here.

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Hollabee said...

so glad I found your's fantastic...I love the red riding hood capes...brilliant!